Project Coordinator - Job ID:4597

Project Coordinator will be supporting projects / submissions for a small Clinical Research Department as well as some general executive administrative tasks. Position starts at 32 hours per week and may increase to 40 hrs. per week in the future.

Project Coordinator will be supporting projects / submissions for a small  Clinical Research Department as well as some general executive administrative tasks. Specific duties include:

  • Coordination with clinical sites and project vendors
  • Study recruitment tracking
  • Maintaining, processing, and tracking site invoices
  • Maintaining study documents filing in both hardcopy and electronic systems 
  • Scheduling and record keeping of study related meetings
  • Maintenance and quality control of the project files on the drive


  • BS in Biology or related scientific field with experience working in an administrative capacity.
  • Great opportunity for recent graduates looking to get into clinical or regulatory affairs.
  • Knowledge of GCP and Regulatory compliance is a plus

Candidates must live local and be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder

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