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Genome Engineer

Boston, MA
Science Science
Research & Development

Position located in Boston, MA


Responsibilities of the Genome Engineer:

  • Design, innovate and iterate: DNA assembly, integration, editing and screening.
  • Build enabling molecular and cellular tools.
  • Perform DNA/RNA transfections and/or viral transductions.
  • Quantify genome editing events using various molecular assays.
  • Improve the state of the art in CRISPR-guided precision genome editing.
  • Data analysis, figure generation and timely reporting of results.
  • Present findings at small forums and R&D meetings.


Requirements of the Genome Engineer:

  • PhD in synthetic biology, bioengineering, molecular biology, genetics or related field is required, or 2+ years hands-on expertise in genetics and genomic manipulation.
  • Solid understanding and hands-on experience with current precision editing techniques, covering the design, optimization and verification of edits made with CRISPR-Cas9, Base Editors, or nicking-based methods.

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