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Scientist/Senior Scientist (Embryologist)

Fort Worth, Texas
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Position located in Fort Worth, TX


Responsibilities of the Scientist/Senior Scientist (Embryologist):

  • Will perform Somatic Cells Nuclear Transfer in non-model organisms.
  • Microinjection of DNA constructs, and gene editing reagents into early embryos to create novel transgenic or gene-edited lines.
  • In vitro fertilization.
  • Electroporation of CRISPR gene editing reagents into 1- or 2-cell embryos.
  • Cell culture and injection of gene-targeted ES cells to produce germline chimeras for the establishment of novel lines.
  • Conduct embryo transfer surgeries into the reproductive tract of non-model organisms.
  • Cryopreservation and recovery of oocytes and embryos.
  • Animal husbandry necessary for the performance of other duties listed above.


Requirements of the Scientist/Senior Scientist (Embryologist):

  • MS or PHD in biological sciences, veterinary medicine, bioengineering, molecular biology, genetics, or any science related field.
  • Strong expertise in IVF, nuclear transfer, microinjection and cryopreservation and reproductive biology workflows.
  • 3+ years of experience in the generation of genetically engineered model organisms (nuclear transfer, pronuclear and cytoplasmic injections of one-cell zygotes, electroporation of embryos, and ES cell injections blastocysts.

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